February 12, 2008

The new face of the Democratic Party

Y'know, I would never have planned to do two posts in a row concerning Barak Obama. But today, I was pointed to photographic evidence that implies Obama supporters in Texas are not, in fact, Democrats.

wRitErsbLock sent me links to videos here and here that show Obama campaign offices in Houston decorated — not with photos of their candidate or any other Democrat — but with Cuban flags and pictures of Ché Guevara.


I had thought Sherlock was exaggerating when he called Obama a socialist. Now, I have to wonder. If these are the people Obama attracts...

Most of the Obama campaign volunteers shown in these segments are Latinas. So I can kind of almost begin to understand why they picked a picture of a Latino to hang on the wall. But come on. If they need a Latino culture hero, why make Ché the pinup boy, and not José Martí? No, wait. Let's pick an American, but someone who still stirred up trouble for the establishment and brought about great change: César Chávez.

As Ricky used to say, these ladies have some 'splainin' to do. How can you call yourself a democrat — or even a Democrat — and then decorate your office with a picture of one of the most infamous Communists who ever lived?

And if you do, which party are you really working for?

Of course, as an Anglo, I can only wonder why, if you're an American citizen and you want to hang a picture of a revolutionary in your office, would you not pick George Washington?


  1. shoot, now that you're a blogger, I'll send you more links. I'm incapable of putting together coherent posts like this one.

  2. Surely you jest? Che is a hero among the democrats, go to any antiwar/code pink/antibush rally and look around and you'll see Che's mug on t-shirts, bags, and signs. He's even hollywood chic too, the stars love him. But don't look for photos of the Che fashion dems in the media, they make sure they leave those photos out of the press.