July 20, 2008

Let them eat dog

Proving once again that the concept of "freedom" is anathema to communism, China has decided to improve its international image by ordering Beijing restaurants to stop serving dog meat during the Olympics.

See the news story here.

Ostensibly, this move is being made so as not to offend Western sensibilities.

Sorry, but Westerners traveling to the Orient can learn to cope with dog meat on menus. Some Westerners might even want to try it.

Not that I want to eat dog. But those who do oughtn't be prevented from it in a country where it's customary.

The Chinese government can't be bothered to clean up its image by doing hard things like allowing freedom of religion, or cracking down on patent infringements, or leaving reporters alone so they can do their jobs.

But they can protect Westerners from Oriental culture by instituting a pointless ban on a legal substance. Yeah. That's communism for you.

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