September 15, 2008

Powerful insight

William Falk, the editor of The Week, combs through hundreds of news sources for each weekly issue of The Week. So, he says, he has a grasp of the usual party positions.

Or so he thought. But, he notes, "Conservative pundits who once disdained feminism are lauding Sarah Palin’s heroism in pursuing a demanding career while raising five kids. Liberal feminists, meanwhile, are suggesting that because of her unseemly ambition, Palin would be either an irresponsible absentee mom or a distracted vice president."

He also notes the conservative/liberal flip-flopping relative to teen pregnancy, in light of Bristol Palin as compared with Jamie Lynn Spears.

"One day," Falk writes, "Republicans say a lack of political experience is a fatal flaw; Democrats say it frees you to see things anew. Now it’s the other way around. It’s as if these strongly voiced opinions were simply debating points, chosen because they suited the circumstances—and candidates—of the moment."

In The Week's print edition, Falk has only a few inches to work with. In that small space, he makes the most concise, cogent observation about partisan posturing I have ever seen.

At the moment, the full editorial is viewable only by subscribers. It looks as if they free up the print edition content to non-subscribers after 90 days.

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