October 30, 2008

What the Pickens

T. Boone Pickens met with American City Business Journals editors at their annual meeting this week. Pickens explained his plan for diversifying America's energy sources.

His opinion on the two major parties' presidential candidates is particularly interesting: "They do not know anything about energy."

Pickens spent an hour and a half with ACBJ's editors. As of this writing, two video excerpts have been posted. I anticipate more to come.


  1. Certainly a sobering thing to hear. No matter which candidate we end up with they won't be well educated on this issue. Perhaps this is a symptom of how long it took America as a whole to accept that energy is a problem for us. After dodging the issue and writing it off as a tree hugger problem for years what more can we expect?
    I certainly didn't know we couldn't have a battery powered 18 wheeler. What does Pickens suggest we do?

  2. Pickens is promoting the use of natural gas as an auto fuel. Of course, there are infrastructure concerns, as with all the other alternative fuels. But we need to get crackin'. When an oil man like Pickens starts looking at alternative energy sources, that tells you there's no longer money to be made in oil. It behooves us to listen.