June 7, 2009

Of big hats and knitting in public

I was going through some old issues of Knitter's Magazine, and re-read Perri Klass' Winter 2003 column "Knitting Fantasies," about places she'd like to knit but wouldn't. Klass wrote: "Am I the only person who has ever thought about how well knitting would go with religious services? Has anyone ever tried it?"

I read that column back in '03, and the idea of knitting in church germinated. I started knitting in church several years ago. Also, one of my fellow congregants crochets in church. We have yet to be chided for this activity. Keeping the hands busy producing something useful not only aids concentration, it prevents sleepiness. If only my teenage boy would take up knitting...

Klass also wrote that she would not take knitting to a business banquet. I have tried this a couple of times, but these were luncheons, not dinners. It seemed those who saw me doing it were smiling. I suspect they wished they had something to occupy their hands, especially when the speaker was dull. Those with Blackberrys didn't seem to notice me knitting.

I admit to feeling a bit self-conscious, but I didn't let that stop me. I suppose I am willing to be considered eccentric. I also once wore a wide-brim church hat to a business luncheon, but I haven't dared the hat and the knitting at the same business event. Yet.

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